1. How should I preserve your products?

All packages are labeled with best-before-date stamps. Once thawed, we strongly recommend to consume in two days time, preserving the products in the fridge (0-5 °C). Do not deepfreeze for second time.

We recommend to deepfreeze our products for no longer than 12 months since the production date. Kourou pies are recommended to consume in no longer than 4 months.

Remove our products from the freezer, place them straight to the oven and enjoy them fresh.

2. In what time period am I expected to consume your products once thawed?

We recommend to consume straight after you remove our products from the deepfreeze. You can maintain them in the freezer for two days but you are not expected to deepfreeze them for second time.

3. Are there any vegan products?

Of course. Our vegan products are just perfect for fasting or dairy-free diet.

4. Is margarine butter also dairy-free?

Definitely! Taking good care of the vegan community, we look ahead to bake also with dairy-free butter substances. We choose to use certified plant-based margarine.

5. Where can I find your products?

You can purchase our products from our retail shops in Thessaloniki and Florina, Greece while you can download the PDF with our distributors here.

6. What do I need to store your products in my retail shop?

All you need is a freezer.

7. Do you use any preservatives?

We do not use any extra preservatives providing pure, fresh and real products